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Crisis Care
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About The Family Support Center of Central Utah

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word "respite" is defined as:

"an interval of rest or relief."

We offer the following services:

Respite Care

Care that is offered twice a week, 3 hours each session. Parents must call for an appointments. The children are fed Breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on their session time and we offer snacks four times a day. It is a home like environment so your keeps will feel comfortable and welcome. We always have 2 caregivers at all times and they help the kids with crafts, watch them during play time and take care of the general needs of the children.

Crisis Care

If there is a crisis, we have a place where kids can stay for 72 hours while that crisis is getting taken care of. There has to be a legitimate reason for this care but that can be taken care of at time of contact.

Adoption Respite Care Program

See Pamphlet

In-home Services

A parent advocate will go into the home and show a parent how to interact with their children and take the necessary steps to make the family more united. They will set goals with the parents and the children in order to make the process easier and more fun.

Parenting Classes are offered

see pamphlet